Vinn Goute

Vinn Goute sell Seychelles inspired street food. They are a family run unit, all from the Seychelles.

What does Vinn Goute mean? Let them explain:

‘VINN GOUTE’ is a phrase derived from Seychelles ‘Kreol’ meaning ‘Come and Taste’. The Motto is a word my grandmother use to say to me when she had combined a wealth of different ingredients grown locally in her garden at Anse Boileau on Mahe Island. Served with freshly caught grilled fish sourced from the clear blue seas of the Indian Ocean. I then came to live in England in 1999 and can remember missing the fine dishes sizzling on the out door coal powered cooker, and her hearty calls to the dinner table. So that was when London’s only Seychelles Street food stall was born!’