The Love In

The success of the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream led to a sequel event on 29 July 1967.

Pink Floyd and many of the original bands returned, and were joined by The Animals and Julie Driscoll. Audience members were given flowers on the door, enjoying the full flower power of the Summer of Love.

“I went to the all night ‘Love-In’ at Ally Pally with two of my friends from school in St Albans. We were ex-Mods transforming ourselves into juvenile hippies. I spent the previous day tie-dying an old shirt, and drying and threading melon seeds to make a necklace (sad, but true). We had told our parents that we were staying with my friend’s mother overnight as an excuse for staying out all night….We did come away from the event thinking that ours was the generation that was going to change the world. Hopelessly naive I’m afraid, but then we were only 17 years old.” – Andy Pegg (credit: